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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Personal effectiveness

Through role play, discussions, oral presentations and mini lectures this group of young lecturers and staff of TAR college sharpened their skills in being more effective both in the workplace as well as in their social interaction.
The training focussed on three dimensions in the framework of personal effectiveness, namely self disclosure, receptiveness to feedback and perceptiveness. There was a great deal of laughter when group E members - Puvenaswaran, Loh Mei Yee, Yong Yen Ping, Chong Pei teng and Mohd Rizzham practised confronting and defensive forms of behaviour when responding to feedback. This group also created liveliness when they applied the attribution theory in the role play situations.
The role play to demonstrate aggressive, assertive and passive behaviuor enacted by Soo Soon Seng, Mogana, Anisah, Tan Wee Tion and Chin Sam Feng was so realistic that the class thought that a fight would ensue.
Ooi Shiu Luan, Siew Mei Leng, Choo Keat Yeen, Shubashini and Lai Shui Kiong from group A should be applauded for the good article review ( "More than idle chatter" by Donald Sull and Ben Bryant) on business discussion. To avoid the pitfall of discussions or " idle chatter", managers should focus on the following simple questions: "Are we trying to make sense, prioritize, make it happen or revise assumptions". Discussions carried out to suit the situation will enable managers to acquire strategic agility in order to master uncertainty.
Group B members - Kee Bee Suan, Nur Liana, Lee Mun Yee and Lim Poh Keng were fortunate to learn first hand some counselling skills from thieir group member Yap Hock Heng. Deserving praise are members of group C - Tengku Nur Nikman, Yap Yong Yong, Zu Farnim, Rachel and Thirukuman for their rapt attention and total involvement in all activities.
Everyone enjoyed themselves and all went away with the commitment to practise what they have learnt.

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