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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sharing interests

What would a group of ladies from different backgrounds, nationalities and professions have in common? Interesting question but not difficult to answer.

The group is a mixture of home-makers, retired school teachers, a medical doctor, beauticians, business women, manager of a hardware company, a stock broker, and the youngest is the co-owner and operator of a tuition and day care centre. Further diversity is reflected in the background for three of the ladies are from Taiwan but have since become full fledged Malaysians in their outlook , their way of live and values.

Many interesting threads run across o to link up this group. The core group is related by marriage, then clan group, sports related activities, work related environment and also business connections. The most recent connection is the current involvement in promoting e-learning.

What is this e-learning all about? With "webucation", home tuition, study habits and revision tools have made it possible for students to score straight 'A's . A Malaysian company called Kenshido International Sdn Bhd. markets an e-learning programme which covers all subjects and at all levels following the Malaysian school syllabus with the tag line "Now! Everyone can score".

The effectiveness of this method of learning called "output learning" includes (among many others,) features to enable parents to appraise their children's academic progress as well as help them supervise and determine their children's strength and weaknesses of their children, to know their children's development at anytime and to render help immediately, when necessary. This is of utmost importance for parents have always wanted to be involved in their children's success instead of depending only on face to face tuition. Parents who have so far felt at a loss as to how they can empower their children, can make use of this comprehensive programme which is both user friendly as well affordable. More information can be obtained from the web site.

But whatever the type of relationship, the regular lunch gatherings is a healthy activity. Although food may be top priority, the fellowship shared, the ensuing laughter after a good joke is cracked, and recalling of past activities and experiences are the premiums on the menu. Everyone goes away lifted and relaxed.

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