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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Historical site

Few places can boast of the long history of this club. Founded in 1894, it was initially meant for the expatriates who were then working as planters in the estates as well as the engineers from the tin mines and also colonial civil servants. Sources have revealed that there was another club located opposite this club further down the road and this was meant for the local people. It is not surprising that such discrimination existed at that time and we can proudly say that we have come a long way since the membership of this club has evolved with the times.
Visitors to Taiping should not miss the chance to visit this historical club. The "classical" structure has remained basically the same but renovations and upgrading of the building and facilities have added a modern touch without spoiling the "colonial air" of the club. The verandah with the green palms have added a soft and cool ambience while members and their guests have a refreshing drink. Members can even just relax or just read the newspapers while enjoying the cool breeze form the lake gardens.
The open concept of the front facade overlooking the town esplanade commands a spectacular view when there are functions, football games and of course the annual National Day celebrations. Inside the main hall which is used for club functions, dinners and dances.Visitors can be informed of the sports honour rolls as well as the previous office bearers. Also to be admired the silver trophies displayed in the glass cabinets.
For the members the club represents a good place for sporting and social activities. Added to this the club also serves delicious food at all times and the price is reasonable. This will remain a good place to meet up with friends as well as entertain visitors because of the friendly, cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

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