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Saturday, January 2, 2010

PS Cafe, Dempsey Hill.

An interesting place for brunch in Singapore is PS Cafe in Dempsey Hill. A "must have" order is the shoe-string fries, drizzled with truffle oil. The order was large, even for two so be prepared to have more than your permitted amount of FAT!! The first few chips tasted very good, maybe because of the expectations and the reviews received from friends. But after a few more, you may feel you have quite enough!!
The main dish was smoked salmon served on a toasted slice of sour dough bread sandwiched with watercress and grilled asparagus topped with an egg fried bulls-eye style with really runny yolk, with cherry tomatoes on the side. Frankly it was quite disappointing.
But the saving grace came in the form of a slice of flourless orange cake, topped with caramelized juliened rind served with butter sauce and a scoop of ice cream. Yummy!! It was a pity that we could not try the other types of cakes and muffins for they really looked very delicious displayed on the counter. Some food for thought should there be another visit. But I have to think twice for the prices are too stiff for my wallet!! But do experience this for yourself for you may think otherwise.

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