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Saturday, January 2, 2010


Congratulations Philip Lim on the good review of the movie Avatar in the Sunday Times of January 2nd.

On new year's day I was given a treat to this movie in Singapore and I agree with your views. Through the 3D experience, I was totally immersed in the whole adventure. For one who is not really a fan of fantasy and sci-fi movies, I must admit that I was enthralled and went away very impressed, happy and even inspired.

Technology aside, it was the moral and social messages that moved me. Immediately after the show we debated on the messages and concurred on some of these.

The social issue of "the green message" of protecting the forest must have gone down well with viewers - very relevant in view of the government's current efforts at preserving the environment, introducing 'green technology', giving incentives for buildings that incorporate 'green features', etc.

Then the more important moral issue of the protection of one's basic rights of survival and also a reminder to us not to condone the actions of those who feel that they are more superior than others and by default can "colonize" territorities that they desire. We should learn to respect others' rights and not to be covertous of what other people have.

Also inspiring are the heroic actions of the protagonists who fight so hard to help save the planet Pandora. This may motivate us to help out in our own way to protect the environment and also to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

But what really touched me was the spiritual aspect of the culture of the Na'vi people. Their sincere belief in their leaders and the power of a mother-goddess, Eywa and the unity of their actions are virtues that will certainly foster national cohesiveness.

I highly recommend this movie but make sure you enjoy it with the 3D effects.

"I see you".

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