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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Four People

Can you identify with this story? Sad to say the answer is "yes" for most of us. People have the tendency to follow the path of least resistance. When something crops up that requires our attention, the easiest way out to to say..."it's none of my business", or "don't look for trouble" or "let's wait for directives", or something along these lines just to avoid taking action.

If such a situation is allowed to perpetuate, it is tantamount to "passing the buck". Few are prepared to take responsibilty, show interest, or be proactive when action is called for. To break away from this culture of complacency demands courage, conviction and great effort because this sort of behaviour will be perceived to being "Kaypoh" (busybody). But try we must to change this mindset so that we can be effective.

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